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Kitchen Apron

Kitchen Apron

Kitchen Aprons Get An Exciting Makeover!

Many young women today do not use a kitchen apron when working in the kitchen or when entertaining guests. Perhaps they have an old-fashioned view of the kitchen apron and do not feel that wearing one could make them feel fashionable and contemporary.

Kitchen aprons have been around for centuries. In fact, the use of aprons likely precedes that of written history because several scholars have noted the use of aprons even in the time of Adam and Eve !

In the mid 20 th century, kitchen aprons were a necessity because people didn't have the luxury of owning extensive wardrobes and clothes washing were done infrequently. Even just over 50 years ago, many people still used wringer washers and hung all their clothes on the line to dry. Kitchen aprons were very practical as they covered up the dress underneath and protected it from being soiled, which in the long run made washing easier. That is, it was much easier to wash the kitchen apron frequently than washing the dress worn underneath.

As time worn on, kitchen aprons became more decorative and were even themed by the seasons. Message aprons began appearing in the late 1960s, with catchy phrases like ‘kiss the cook'. The messages tended to reflect the feminist movement that was beginning to gather steam.

Largely in the latter part of the 20 th century, kitchen aprons fell out of popularity, with very few people donning them regularly. Today however, the kitchen apron is regaining its popularity. With trendy fabrics, stylish designs and feminine appeal, the kitchen apron can serve both a fashionable and practical purpose at the same time.

One company helping to bring the popularity of the kitchen apron back into the fold is Bee-Bop's Party Wear. Specializing in kitchen aprons in unique and stylish fabrics, Bee-Bop's offers matching table linens and coordinating napkins as well.

Attracting the discerning buyer who is looking for something truly unique in a fabric and style she'll love for years, Bee-Bop's is proud to offer limited run items. Never mass produced, any customer can rest assured that she is buying unique items that won't be on display at the next dinner party she attends! It is proprietor Molly Pritchett 's keen eye for detail that keeps her customers returning to purchase gifts for friends and family.

If you recognize the practicality of the kitchen apron, but want to feel fun and flirty at the same time, then check out the fabulous styles available from Bee-Bop's online store!

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